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TUBE (Ti Grade 2)

Common Name: CP Grade 2 Titanium Grade 2 General Information: Titanium Alloy Grade 2 is “unalloyed” titanium offering an excellent balance of strength and ductility. The material has good toughness and is readily weldable. This material is very corrosion resistant in highly oxidizing and mildly reducing environments. The material is castable and is often utilized in cast valves and fittings. In plate form, the alloy is also used explosively boned to make clad plate. The alloy is available as castings, wire, welded tube, pipe, plate, sheet, strip, forgings, bar, and billet.

TUBE (Ti Grade 2)




ASME SB-338, AMS 4942, AMS 4941

International Specifications:

W. NR. 3.7035, W. NR. 3.7034