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Magellan Metals Supplies ISO-Certified 6Al 6V 2Sn

Titanium 6-6-2 is heat treatable high-strength alloy with lower toughness and ductility than Ti-6Al-4V and limited weldability. Magellan Metals is an ISO 9001-certified supplier of 6-6-2 Titanium UNS R56620 in most formats, including bar, sheet, and forgings. Our supply of titanium 6-6-2 maintains high strength properties and is readily machinable. We supply Titanium 6Al 6V 2Sn to manufacturers and distributors in the United States and to over 45 countries throughout the world. Magellan Metals can fill single items or full bills of Titanium 6V 2Sn.

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Titanium 6Al 6V 2Sn

6Al 6V 2Sn contains Vanadium, Iron, and Copper. This allows 6Al 6V 2Sn to have higher strength properties than standard titanium. It can be hot or cold-formed and can undergo heat treatment processes to improve its mechanical properties. Titanium 6Al 6V 2Sn responds similarly to 300 series stainless steels and is one of the more versatile grades of titanium as it is readily machinable at low cutting speeds and high feed rates.
Titanium 6Al 6V 2Sn can be used in the annealed or solution-treated and aged conditions. This alloy is readily machinable.

UNS R56620 Applications

The fracture toughness and fatigue resistance of 6-2-2 are lower than Ti-6Al- 4V and has limited weldability. Titanium 6-6-2 is suitable for applications where high strength is required. Typical uses include rocket engine cases, airframe applications, as well as fasteners.

ISO-Certified 6Al 6V 2Sn For Multiple Industries

Common uses and applications for Titanium 6-6-2 may include:
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear Reactor Components
  • Chemical Processing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Heavy Machinery & More

Titanium 6-6-2 in Multiple Formats

Available forms of Titanium 6-6-2​ are seamless pipe, welded pipe, seamless tube, welded tube, bar, wire, sheet, plate, forgings, pipe fittings, and flanges. Frequently requested formats of Titanium 6Al 6V 2Sn vary by application and include:

Titanium 6V 2Sn Supply Quantities for Single Items or Full Bills

At Magellan Metals, we can supply single items or full bills on any of our Titanium materials. No inquiry is too small. We offer quick responses to customer inquiries and specialize in the rapid delivery of both large and small quantities of Titanium Grade 6-6-2. 

Available forms of Titanium 6-6-2 are seamless pipe, welded pipe, seamless tube, welded tube, bar, wire, sheet, plate, forgings, pipe fittings and flanges.

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