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WELD WIRE (Ti Grade 7)

Common Name: CP Grade 7 Ti-0.15PD CP Grade 2 with Palladium Titanium Grade 7 General Information: Titanium Alloy Grade 7 with 0.1% palladium is similar to Grade 2, but with improved resistance to general and localized crevice corrosion in a wide range of reducing acid environments, including chlorides, and where low pH and high temperatures above 180ºF (83ºC) to 500ºF (260ºC) are prevalent. The alloy is available as castings, wire, welded tube, pipe, plate, sheet, strip, forgings, bar, and billet.

WELD WIRE (Ti Grade 7)




AWS 5.16 ERTi-7

International Specifications:

W. NR. 3.7235