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Stainless Steel & Special Alloys

Magellan Metals offers stainless steel and a full spectrum of stainless steel alloys, including Alloy 50 and Alloy 60. We supply stainless steel to companies in all areas of industry from the US and over 45 countries around the world. Our stainless steel and stainless steel alloys are available in bar, sheet, tube, pipe, welding rod, and other forms.

Contact us through this site, or use the button above to request a quote on stainless steel materials for your project. Call Magellan Metals at (203) 838-5700 to place your order or to learn more.

Trade Names UNS Wire Bar Sheet Plate Tube Pipe Fittings Flanges Forgings Welding Rod
13-8 Mo S13800                    
15-5 PH® S15500                    
15-7 Mo® S15700                    
17-4 PH® S17400                    
17-7 PH® S17700                    
CUSTOM 450® S45000                    
CUSTOM 455® S45500                    
Stainless Steel 304H S30400                    
Stainless Steel 309 S30900                    
Stainless Steel 310 S31000                    
Stainless Steel 317L S31703                    
Stainless Steel 321 S32100                    
Stainless Steel 347 S34700                    
AM-350 S35000                    
AM-355 S35500                    
418 (Greek Ascoloy) S41800                    
Stainless Steel 431 S43100                    
Stainless Steel 440A S44002                    
440C S44004                    
440 F Se S44023                    
446 S44600                    
Alloy 40® S21904                    
Alloy 50® S20910                    
Alloy 60® S21800                    
Ferralium 255 ® S32550                    
Alloy 20 N08020