Nitronic 60® Specialized Stainless Steel Alloy

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Nitronic 60® steel is a highly wear-resistant stainless steel alloy with good high temperature resistance. The material’s high strength is achieved through cold working processes. Magellan Metals is an ISO 9001 Certified supplier of industrial Nitronic alloys to industries throughout the globe. We certify to most ASME, ASTM, AMS, and military specifications as well as most international standards including full DIN EN10204 3.1 certification.

Magellan Metals is your premier source for Nitronic 60® steel products. We supply specialized Nitronic 60® steel to manufacturers and distributers in the United States and to over 60 countries throughout the world.

Contact us for more information regarding our custom Nitronic 60® steel manufacturing and distribution options, or call us at 203-838-5700 and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have. Magellan Metals is your trusted supplier for specialized stainless steel Nitronic 60® alloy material.

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Nitronic 60® Steel Format Options

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Nitronic 60® Alloy Beneficial Qualities

Nitronic 60® steel displays a broad range of beneficial qualities that provide a wide range of industrial applications with numerous advantages, some of which include:
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good wear resistance
  • Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance
  • Low temperature impact

Nitronic 60® Specialized Stainless Steel Industrial Applications

Stainless steel Nitronic 60® stainless steel alloy is an all-purpose metal that can perform well in temperatures up to 1800° F. The oxidation resistance of Nitronic 60® is like Type 309 stainless, and far superior to Type 304S. Applications that directly benefit from nitronic alloys include:
  • Automotive valves
  • Marine shafts
  • Pin and hanger expansion joints for bridges
  • Pins
  • Fastener galling

Nitronic 60® Steel Certifications

Nitronic 60® is certified to numerous national and international specifications, including, but not limited to:
  • AMS 5848
  • ASME SA 193
  • ASME SA 479
  • ASTM A 193
  • ASTM A 193 Class 1C
  • ASTM A 276
  • ASTM A 479
  • UNS S21800
See individual product listings for complete specifications.

Stainless Steel Supply Quantities for Single Items or Full Bills

At Magellan Metals, we can supply single items or full bills of Nitronic alloys for most any project. No inquiry is too small. We offer quick responses to customer inquiries and specialize in the rapid delivery of both large and small quantities of Nitronic 60® stainless steel alloy metal materials.

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