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Monel K500® Forgings

With corrosion resistance equal to Monel 400®, with added strength and hardness, Monel K500® is an ideal material for forgings. Monel K500® includes added aluminum and titanium content, and is heated under carefully controlled conditions which precipitate the formation of submicroscopic particles of Ni3 (Ti, Al) throughout the material to make it stronger and harder. In age-hardened condition, Monel K500® is more vulnerable to stress-corrosion cracking than Monel 400®.
Monel K500® forgings exhibit very low corrosion rates in high velocity seawater. Combined with their high strength, this makes them the material of choice for marine applications and other similar environments. Monel K500® forgings are also highly resistant to sour gas atmospheres.

Monel K500® Forging Specifications

Thanks to the makeup of the material, Monel K500® forgings meet a variety of industrial and international specifications. These include:
  • UNS N05500
  • QQ-N-286
  • AMS 4676



QQ N 286, AMS 4676


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We also offer Monel K500® wire, bar, sheet, and plate.
“Monel K500®” is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation.