Monel K500® - UNS N05500 Nickel-Copper Alloy

Monel K500® is a nickel-copper alloy with the same corrosion resistance and characteristics as the Monel 400®. Due to added aluminum and titanium the nickel alloy Monel K-500® has a greater strength and hardness than the 400. In age-hardened condition, Monel K-500 also has greater tendency toward stress- corrosion cracking in some environments.

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Monel K500® Available Formats

Magellan Metals offers nickel alloy Monel K500® in a variety of forms, including:

Monel K500® Applications

Nickel alloy Monel K500® has many different industrial applications, some of which include:
  • Pump shafts and impellers
  • Doctor blades and scrapers
  • Oil-well drill collars and instruments
  • Electronic components
  • Springs
  • Valve trim

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