Hastelloy Nickel Alloys

Hastelloy is nickel-molybdenum corrosion-resistant superalloy used for a wide range of chemical processing, pollution control and waste treatment applications. These nickel alloys have a low carbon content that helps maintain the material’s resistance to corrosion in heat-affected zones of welded joints. Hastelloy nickel alloys are fully resistant to a vast array of chemicals, including highly acidic hydrochloric and sulfuric acids. It is also one of the few materials available that can withstand wet chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide and hypochlorite.

Magellan Metals offers different grades of Hastelloy nickel alloys in a wide range of formats including bar, wire, plate, sheet, forgings, pipe fittings, and more. Learn more about the chemical analysis and available formats and common applications for each Hastelloy alloy grade by visiting the individual product pages below:

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Corrosion Resistant Hastelloy for Chemical Processing Applications

Corrosion-resistant nickel alloys are widely used by chemical processing industries because provide excellent resistance to oxidizing and localized corrosion including pitting and stress corrosion cracking. Because of its durability, thermal stability and reliable performance, Hastelloy alloys are widely used for various chemical processing applications and others that require high corrosion resistance.

Some of the many industries that use Hastelloy include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Geothermal
  • Mining
  • Biomass
  • Liquified natural gas
  • Solar power
  • Nuclear power
  • Utilities

Nickel alloy Hastelloy is easily formed, fabricated and welded and considered one of the most versatile nickel alloys available. Hastelloy C276 in particular is used for a range of welding applications including weld overlay or cladding of steels and once welded, is suitable for almost any chemical process application in even the most severe environments. In general, Hastelloy is costlier than other corrosion-resistant metals such as stainless steel, but it provides superior performance and mechanical stability that makes it an ideal choice for highly corrosive environments.

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