Nickel Alloy 36

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Common Trade Names: Invar 36®, Nilo 6®, Pernifer 6®

Invar 36® is a nickel-iron, low expansion alloy that contains 36% nickel and possesses a rate of thermal expansion approximately one-tenth that of carbon steel. Alloy 36 maintains nearly constant dimensions over the range of normal atmospheric temperatures, and has a low coefficient of expansion from cryogenic temperatures to about 500°F. This nickel iron alloy is tough, versatile and retains good strength at cryogenic temperatures.
Magellan Metals is an industry leading provider of Invar 36 superalloys for your project needs. Contact us for more information regarding Nilo 36 controlled expansion alloy, or call us at 203-838-5700 and we will happily answer any Pernifer 36 high-temp alloy questions that you may have.

UNS K93600 Invar 36 Material Properties 

Invar 36 Alloy is a solid single-phase alloy, that primarily consists of nickel and iron. Nickel Alloy 36 retains good strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures due to its low coefficient of expansion. It maintains nearly constant dimensions at temperatures below -150°C (-238°F) all the way up to 260°C (500°F) which is critical to cryogenics.

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Invar 36® Applications

As direct Invar 36 suppliers, Magellan Metals distributes high-grade Invar 36 material for a wide range of industries where dimensional changes due to temperature variation must be minimized, some of the applications where UNS K93600 is utilized include:
  • Aircraft controls
  • Optical & laser systems
  • Radio & electronic devices
  • Composite forming tools & dies
  • Cryogenic components

Nickel Invar 36® Format Options 

As an exclusive Invar 36® supplier we stock alloy UNS K93600 in a wide range of formats, including: Magellan Metals is your premiere Invar 36® supplier. Contact us for more information on our alloy 36 products, or request a quote today.

Invar 36® Material Advantages

Invar 36 can be hot and cold formed and machined using processes like austenitic stainless steels and is also weldable using Filler Metal CF26. Some of the other benefits associated with the use of Invar nickel alloy 36 include: 
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Numerous workability aspects
  • Extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)

Invar 36® & Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 

Invar low expansion alloys are widely known and utilized because they exhibit a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) that is close to zero. This beneficial quality has made UNS K93600 one of the most effective alloys for the manufacturing of precision instrumentation. Alloy 36 is generally thought of as the metal of choice for any type of low expansion application, because it has a very small CTE.

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