Invar 42® Advanced Cutting-Edge Nickel Alloy

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Common Trade Names: Invar 42®, Nilo 42®

Invar 42® is a nickel-iron alloy that contains 41% nickel and exhibits excellent controlled expansion qualities and is used primarily for controlled expansion and magnetic applications. Invar 42® is also highly effective in magnetic applications. It can be hot formed, cold formed or machined. Nilo 42 possesses many of the qualities of the other Invar nickel iron alloys. It is effective in extreme temperatures ranging from -32C to 275C.

Why Choose Invar 42®?

Nickel iron alloys are widely known and utilized because they exhibit a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) that is close to zero. This beneficial quality has made nilo 42 one of the most effective alloys for the manufacturing of precision instrumentation. Invar 42® is widely known as the metal of choice for numerous glass-to-metal sealing applications.

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Invar 42® Available Formats

As an exclusive Invar 42® supplier we stock alloy UNS K94200 in a wide range of formats, including:

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Invar 42® Applications

As a direct Invar 42® supplier we provide nilo 42 to numerous industries where controlled expansion must be minimized, some of the applications where the nickel iron alloy UNS K94200 is utilized, include:

  • Transformer & capacitor bushings
  • Automotive & industrial lamps
  • Electronic tubes
  • Glass-to-metal applications
  • Ceramic-to-metal Applications

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