Invar® Metal Alloy Composition

Invar® is a ferrous nickel-iron alloy that contains 36%-41% nickel and exhibits excellent controlled expansion qualities. Invar 36® is effective in extreme temperatures ranging from -150°C (-238°F) all the way up to 260°C (500°F), while Invar 42®—or SuperInvar® — maintains nearly constant dimensions in temperatures ranging from -32°C (-25.6F) to 275°C (527°F). Invar® is used primarily for controlled expansion and magnetic applications. This nickel iron alloy is tough, versatile and retains good strength at normal atmospheric and cryogenic temperatures. It can be hot formed, cold formed or machined.  

Magellan Metals is an industry leading supplier of Invar® superalloys. We provide custom work, short lead times, and quick delivery on all types of large or small quantities of Invar® shapes including tube, pipe, wire, sheet, and plate. We are an ISO 9001 certified supplier of industrial metals and can provide advanced design expertise for all your Invar® alloy needs. Contact us for more information regarding Nilo 36 & 42 controlled expansion alloy or call us at 203-838-5700 and we will happily answer any Pernifer 36 & 42 high-temp alloy questions that you may have. All Magellan Metals Invar® products meet AMS-I-23001, Class 7 and ASTM F1684 (UNS K93603) specifications.

Invar® Nickel-Iron Alloys for High Temperature Applications

Invar 36® exhibits controlled expansion qualities and is effective in extreme temperatures ranging from -150°C (-238°F) all the way up to 260°C (500°F), while Invar 42® is effective from -32°C (-25.6F) to 275°C (527°F).  This beneficial quality has made Invar 36® and Invar 42® the most effective alloys for the manufacturing of precision instrumentation. The improved micro-yield strength greatly reduces expansion, making Invar 36® and Invar 42® perfect for applications in which a high degree of thermal stability under changing temperatures is required.

Preferred Applications:

  • Aircraft controls
  • Optical & laser systems
  • Radio & electronic devices
  • Transformer & capacitor bushings
  • Automotive & industrial lamps

Additional Invar® Alloy Advantages

Along with a CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) of near zero, Invar 36® & Invar 42® are designed for use in precision mechanical systems in many different industries and therefore not limited to opto-mechanical engineering. Invar 36® & Invar 42’s® improved dimensional stability holds up to variations in stress over time.

Invar® Available Formats

As an exclusive Invar® supplier, we stock alloys UNS K94200 and UNS K93600 in a wide range of formats, including:

What are the Mechanical Properties of Invar® vs. Stainless Steel?

While Invar® has a similar look and feel to steel, Invar® has enhanced stiffness (17.5 vs. 24.1) and micro-yield strength (70MPa vs. >300MPa) and is less conductive to heat (10.4W/MK vs. 16.2W/MK). More specifically, Invar® possesses a rate of thermal expansion approximately one-tenth that of carbon steel.

What is the CTE of Invar® vs. Stainless Steel?

Invar® has a lower CTE (1 K⁻¹ vs. 14.7 K⁻¹) than stainless steel and withstands temperatures ranging from -150°C (-238°F) all the way up to 275C (527°F). Nickel alloys begin to lose their tensile strength before they reach melting point, so it is generally recommended that application temperatures are kept well below these ranges.

Invar® Alloy Supply Quantities for Single Items or Full Bills

At Magellan Metals, we can supply single items or full bills on any of our Invar® 36 and Invar® 42 alloy materials. No inquiry is too small. We offer quick responses to customer inquiries and specialize in the rapid delivery of both large and small quantities of Invar® nickel-iron alloy metal materials.

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