Incoloy 825® Nickel Alloy (Nickelvac 825, Nicrofer 4241)

UNS N08825 Incoloy 825 is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy that contains small amounts of titanium, copper, and molybdenum. Incoloy® 825’s chemical composition provides great resistance to many corrosive environments, such as pitting, crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion, and stress- corrosion cracking. Incoloy 825 nickel alloy has good mechanical properties from moderate to high temperatures, with a hot- working range of 1600 to 2150º F. Alloy 825 also maintains good weldability for all conventional processes.
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Chemical Analysis


.05 max


1.0 max


.03 max


.5 max


19.5- 23.5


38.0- 46.0


2.5- 3.5


1.5- 3.0


0.6- 1.2


0.2 max


22.0 min

Incoloy 825 Material Advantages

UNS N08825 is designed to provide exceptional resistance to many corrosive environments. It is like alloy 800 but has improved resistance to aqueous corrosion. It also maintains excellent resistance to both reducing and oxidizing acids, to stress-corrosion cracking, and to localized attack such as pitting and crevice corrosion. Some of the additional benefits associated with Alloy 825, include:
  • Good mechanical properties at both room and elevated temperatures up to approximately 1000°F
  • Permission for pressure-vessel use at wall temperatures up to 800°F
  • Excellent resistance to reducing and oxidizing acids
  • Good resistance to stress-corrosion cracking
  • Satisfactory resistance to localized attack like pitting and crevice corrosion
  • Very resistant to sulfuric and phosphoric acids


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Incoloy 825® Available Formats

Incoloy 825® sheet is available in thicknesses ranging from .020 to .156". Incoloy 825® strip in coil form is available in lighter gauges up 12" wide. Incoloy 825® plate is available up 3" thick.
Nickel alloy Incoloy 825® bar is available in wrought bar up to 6" diameter and larger sizes and shapes may be forged to order.
Incoloy 825® seamless pipe is available up to 8" NB. Larger sizes are available in welded construction (100% X-ray) and can also be fabricated to order. Incoloy 825® tubes are available up to 1-1/2" OD. Nickel alloy Incoloy 825 nickel alloy redrawn tubes and tubing with tight tolerances can be supplied in almost any size no matter how small the size or quantity. Additionally, Magellan Metals offers nickel alloy Incoloy 825® in a variety of forms, including:

Incoloy Alloy 825 Applications

Nickel alloy UNS N08825 has many different industrial applications, some of which include:
  • Propeller shafts
  • Phosphoric acid evaporators
  • Tank trucks
  • Hot vessels for food, water, sea water
  • Sulphuric acid piping and vessels
  • Marine exhaust systems

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