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Monel 405® FORGINGS

Monel R405® Forgings

A “free machining” variation of Monel 400®, Monel R405® nickel-copper alloy contains a controlled amount of sulfur content that makes it easier to machine. Monel R405® exhibits good mechanical properties, and maintains those properties over a broad temperature range (subzero to 896°F/480°C), making it an ideal material for extreme environments. This alloy meets UNS N04405 and QQ-N-281 standards.
Monel R405® forgings provide high strength and corrosion resistance, and are resistant to numerous substances, from caustic solutions, alkalis, and acids to saltwater and high temperature steam. Monel R405® is also readily welded, soldered, and brazed via standard processes.

Monel R405® Forging Specifications

Monel R405® forgings meet the following industrial and international specifications:
  • UNS N04405
  • QQ-N-281

FORGINGS (Monel 405®)






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We also offer Monel R405® wire and bar.
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