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Nickel 200 Forging Supplier

Nickel UNS N02200 Forgings are manufactured from ferromagnetic, commercially pure (99.6%) nickel and have high ductility, excellent mechanical properties and improved temperature resistance compared to standard Nickel. Magellan Metals is proud to be a premier supplier of corrosion-resistant Nickel 200. We are a global supplier of ISO 9001 certified Nickel 200 forging to numerous industries. Our Nickel 200 forgings are resistant to hydroxides and rival the hardness of steel when annealed. Magellan Metals is your trusted source for premium Nickel 200 forgings.

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Nickel 200 Forgings Specifications

Nickel 200 Pure Alloy Forgings meets the following industrial, international, and MIL-Spec standards.





International Specifications:

BS 3072, BS 3073, BS 3074, BS 3075, BS 3076, NA11 DIN 17740, 17750, 17751, 17752, 17753, 17754 Werkstoff Nr. 2.4060, 2.4066

Nickel 200 Forgings Applications

Forgings can be manufactured to fit virtually any application depending on the material and the specific forging process. From household kitchenware to engine pistons, Magellan Metals can create Nickel 200 forgings to meet most uses. Some popular types of forging include but are not limited to:
  • Automotive Components
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Valves & Fittings
  • Hand Tools & Hardware
  • General Industrial Tools & Equipment
  • Railroad Components & More

Advantages of Choosing Nickel 200 for Forgings

Nickel 200 is a 99.6% pure nickel alloy, and is useful in any environment below 600º F. It is highly resistant to corrosion by neutral and alkaline salt solutions. Nickel alloy 200 also has low corrosion rates in neutral and distilled water. This nickel alloy can be hot formed to any shape and formed cold by all methods. Additional benefits include:
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Low gas content
  • Low vapor pressure
  • Magnetic properties
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity

Advantages of Nickel 200 Forgings

Forgings are frequently utilized for heavy-duty industrial applications due to their strength, toughness, reliability and overall quality. The forging process breaks up impurities in the metal in order to further refine the metal and improve the strength of the forging. They differ from castings in that they are more durable and can therefore be used for mission-critical purposes. Forgings are relatively low cost and can be manufactured at high speeds with minimal downtime. Creating forgings from Nickel 200 adds a level of quality that can’t be matched by most standard metals or materials.

Nickel 200 Forgings In Stock for Single Items or Full Bills

At Magellan Metals, we can supply single items or full bills of Nickel 200 forgings for most any project. No inquiry is too small. We offer quick responses to customer inquiries and specialize in the rapid delivery of both large and small quantities of UNS N02200 nickel alloy metal forgings.

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We also offer Nickel 200 wiresheet/platetube